Our Aftermarket team strives to support the needs of our existing customers after the sale and beyond. We offer several aftermarket programs that will help keep your plant optimized and running efficiently from replacement parts to emergency rental equipment and plant wellness inspections, we are here for you 24/7.

Aftermarket Replacement

Replacement Parts

Keep your equipment or system operating at its peak efficiency with Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) specified spare and replacement parts from Aqua-Aerobic Systems.

Aftermarket Rebuilds

Equipment Rebuilds

Extend the life of your equipment by having Aqua-Aerobic Systems rebuild your aerator or mixer.

Aftermarket Rebuilds

System Rebuilds

As your system ages, you can extend the life of your plant by having Aqua-Aerobic Systems rebuild key components.

Aftermarket Rental Equipment

Rental Equipment

Aqua-Aerobic offers rental and lease programs for customers that may not have a long-term need for equipment, or where capital budget is limited.

Aftermarket Service Plans

Maintenance Programs

Whatever the reason, Aqua-Aerobic Systems has the staff to help you maintain your system.

Buy Back Program

Equipment Buy-Back

Aqua-Aerobic Systems offers customers a program that allows you to sell back used or unwanted Aqua Aerobic® equipment and components such as aerators, mixers, decanters and cloth media filters.

Mechanical Assessment

Mechanical Assessments

As your equipment ages, it can get to a point where it needs to be repaired, rebuilt, or replaced.

Plant Wellness Inspection

Plant Wellness Inspections

Are you experiencing process or mechanical issues with your biological treatment system or filtration system?

Reconditioned Equipment

Reconditioned Equipment

Aqua-Aerobic Systems has a large inventory of reconditioned equipment available for sale at prices that are substantially reduced when compared to purchasing new equipment.

Operator Training

Operator Training

Whether your needs are maintenance related or process related, training provided by a qualified Aqua-Aerobic Systems’ field service technician can make your system run more efficiently.

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