BOD and TSS Removal

BOD and TSS Removal

All treatment plants that have a permit will have requirements for BOD and TSS removal. Removal ranges from effluent values of 30 mg/l down to 5 mg/l or less. Depending on the effluent requirement a plant will need biological system alone, or addition of filtration and even membranes may be required for tighter limits.

Biological BOD and TSS Removal


In a treatment plant the vast majority of carbon and solids are removed by the biological system. A well designed biological system can achieve 10 mg/l or less of BOD and TSS.

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Biological Nutrient Removal


Because low-pressure microfiltration (MF) and ultrafiltration (UF) membranes have pores that are in the sub-micron range, these membranes remove nearly all of the TSS and insoluble (particulate) BOD.

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Tertiary BOD and TSS Removal


Tertiary processes are used as a polishing step to remove BOD and TSS.  Cloth media filtration and membranes are designed to provide solid-liquid separation, which removes TSS and the associated BOD.

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