Cloth Media Filtration

Cloth Media Filtration

Pile cloth media filtration is commonly used for tertiary treatment.  In these filters, the pile cloth uses depth filtration to provide solids-liquid separation to remove a wide range of particle sizes.

Advantages of Tertiary Treatment Using Cloth Media Filtration

  • Cloth media filtration provides high quality effluent through the use of depth filtration
  • Five options for engineered pile cloth media ensure
    • Each media option is engineered to provide quality effluent, minimize backwash and last 7-10 years before replacement
    • An outside-in flow path maximizes solids handling capacity

Featured Application

AquaDiamond® Cloth Media Filter Retrofit Solves Hydraulic Loading Problem

Little Falls Run currently has a design average daily flow of 4.0 mgd and actual flow of 3.45 mgd. Current discharge limits for the plant include 9 mg/l BOD, 9 mg/l total suspended solids and 2 mg/l total phosphorus.

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