Biological Treatment

Biological Treatment

Aqua-Aerobic Systems has provided more than 1,000 customers with performance proven and cost effective biological treatment systems, capable of effectively removing nutrients, reducing phosphorus and producing reuse quality effluent.

Activated Sludge systems

Time Based Activated Sludge

Conventional activated sludge systems continue to be an effective biological treatment process for municipal and industrial wastewater treatment. Aqua-Aerobic provides both batch treatment and flow-through systems with inherent characteristics and capabilities that meet or exceed even the most stringent biological treatment objectives.

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AquaNereda® Aerobic Granular Sludge Technology

Aerobic Granular Sludge

Aerobic granular sludge is an innovative wastewater treatment technology that provides advanced biological treatment using the unique features of aerobic granular biomass. An aerobic granular biomass is comprised of compact granules that provide several advantages compared to other secondary treatment processes.

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AquaMB Process® Multiple Barrier Membrane System

Multiple Barrier Systems

Multiple barrier systems integrate biological treatment and clarification with dual barrier filtration consisting of cloth media filters and external membrane separation. These systems are capable of enhanced biological nutrient removal, superior solids reduction and effective bacteria and virus reduction.

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Aqua BioMax® Dual Treatment System

Attached Growth Systems

Attached growth systems, or rotating biological contactor (RBC) technology allows biofilm to grow on the exterior, removing BOD and oxidizing ammonia. Aqua-Aerobic offers a unique, dual treatment system that is a combination of RBC technology and cloth media filtration, ideal for small flows up to 100,000 gpd.

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