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Aqua ElectrOzone® F-Series

Ozone Generation System

Designed for safe operation and effective treatment, the Aqua ElectrOzone® F-Series is a reliable treatment solution with a proven track record. The system’s high efficiency is based on advanced technology including the Metawater MicroGap™ Core Technology which provides the longest life for current dielectric designs.

How It Works

3 Step Ozone Generation

Metawater MicroGap Core Technology

The exclusive Metawater MicroGap glass-lined dielectric is the core technology within the Aqua ElectrOzone System. These elements are precision engineered for high dimensional accuracy on the ozone generation tubes allowing for consistent ozone generation, extremely low failure rates, and efficient cooling. The double cooling option allows for increased forced water cooling of each electrode ensuring the system remains capable of meeting the original ozone production specifications after years of reliable operation.

Glass-lined Dielectric Assembly (Double Cooling System)
Ozone Dielectric - Double
Glass-lined Dielectric Assembly (Single Cooling System)
Ozone Dielectric - Single

Features & Specifications

  • MicroGap™ glass-lined dielectric core
  • Stainless steel elements for high dimensional accuracy
  • Solid state pulse width modulation power
  • Low harmonics


  • Highest ozone production per dielectric
  • Ten year warranty on dielectrics
  • Local parts and service
  • Safe operation
  • Effective treatment
  • High efficiency
  • Extremely low failure rates
  • Robust design

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