AquaNereda Facilities Map

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The AquaNereda® technology is a groundbreaking advanced secondary wastewater treatment processes using the unique features of aerobic granular sludge to achieve superb biological performance with a fraction of the footprint, cost and complexity of conventional treatment. The technology has been used successfully for more than 18 years in full-scale wastewater treatment facilities in over 20 countries with over 100 plants currently in operation or under design and construction. In 2020, Nereda® received the prestigious “Breakthrough Technology of the Decade” award by Global Water Intelligence, in addition to many other honors.  Aqua-Aerobic Systems Inc. is the exclusive provider of the AquaNereda® technology in the U.S. and Canada, which has quickly grown into the treatment technology of choice for many end-users across a variety of applications, flow rates, climates and performance requirements. Below is a snapshot of some of these facilities.

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