Aqua MixAir®

Aqua MixAir®

Aeration System

The Aqua MixAir® system provides separate mixing with the AquaDDM® Direct Drive Mixer and an aeration source such as the Aqua-Jet® surface aerator or Aqua-Aerobic diffused aeration. The system has the capability to cyclically operate aeration and mixing to promote anoxic/aerobic and anaerobic environments with low energy consumption – 30-40% in many applications.

How It Works

AquaDDM® Mixer with Mechanical Aerators
AquaDDM® Mixer with Mechanical Aerators
AquaDDM® Mixer with Diffused Aeration
AquaDDM® Mixer with Diffused Aeration

The combined use of downflow AquaDDM® mixers and upflow Aqua-Jet® surface aerators creates complementary flow patterns, and results in better suspension of solids and better distribution of oxygen and substrate. This improved process efficiency can result in energy savings of 30-40% in many applications.

When combined with diffused aeration, the AquaDDM mixer provides a full range of aeration control without compromising mixing. This combination enables the operator to operate the diffused air systems only when oxygen is required. Full scale tests and operation in various installations have demonstrated that the addition of AquaDDM mixers to diffused aeration systems improves aeration efficiency by up to 30%.

Features & Specifications

  • Utilizes the AquaDDM® Direct Drive Mixer with Aqua-Aerobic supplied surface mechanical aerators or diffused aeration
  • Manual or automatic control of aeration system
  • Simplified basin layouts


  • Full range of aeration control without compromising mixing
  • Greater control of dissolved oxygen (D.O) in mixing limited systems
  • Reduced power requirements
  • Improves sludge settling
  • Greater choice of reactor size and configurations
  • Simplifies layout of distribution system

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