Flow-through Activated Sludge Retrofits to Achieve BNR

BOD and TSS Removal Application

This webinar will focus on a different approach to nutrient removal using a variation of a BNR system that features a phased approach and lower recirculation to achieve the most stringent requirements. Attendees will learn about the AquaPASS® phased activated sludge; its operation and comparison with standard multi-stage BNR systems. The webinar will address how enhanced nutrient removal is achieved in a phased activated sludge with less steps and discuss the flexibility of the system for retrofit applications.

  • How nutrients are removed in a flow-through activated sludge system
  • Requirements to retrofit an existing system to meet BNR objectives
  • Learn how a phased activated sludge system can achieve low nutrient removal with reduced recycles
  • Several retrofit case studies will be presented
  • Earn (1) Professional Development Hour (PDH)

Presented By

Manuel de los Santos

Product Manager - Biological Processes

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