OxyStar® Aspirating Aerators


Aspirating Aerator

The OxyStar® aspirating aerator is used in municipal and industrial wastewater applications to introduce oxygen into lagoons, equalization basins, aerobic digesters, sludge holding basins, and/or activated sludge systems. The unit provides efficient fine-bubble aeration and thorough circulation and mixing of basin contents. OxyStar aerators are an ideal solution for upgrading, retrofitting, supplementing, or replacing under-performing aeration technologies.

How It Works

OxyStar aspirating aerators mix and oxygenate water by rotating a submerged propeller. As the propeller rotates, it creates a low-pressure zone beneath the surface of the water. The pressure gradient aspirates air through the hollow shaft, discharges it into the water, and the turbulence created by the propeller shears it into fine-bubble aeration.

Flotation Mount

Wall Mount

Features & Specifications

  • Robust materials of construction, consisting of 304 stainless steel
    and hot-dipped galvanized steel
  • Self-cleaning propeller ensures consistent high performance
  • Engineered three-bladed 316Ti ss spiral self-cleaning propeller for maximum efficiency and consistent high performance
  • Durable pontoons with 304 ss framework
  • Robust design for easy installation
  • No submerged seals or bearings to maintain
  • Available in 3 – 30 hp. (2.2 – 22 kW)
  • Float and bridge mounting options for flexible installation in any basin
  • Optional weir for re-entrainment of surface foam


  • Efficient oxygen transfer
  • No aerosolizing or misting
  • Negligible noise level
  • Nearly universal installation into any basin
  • Can be installed without dewatering or taking a basin offline
  • Minimal maintenance
  • No blowers, air piping or covers
  • No underwater parts to maintain

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