Aqua MSBR®

Aqua MSBR®

Modified Sequencing Batch Reactor

The Aqua MSBR® modified sequencing batch reactor combines the advantages of sequencing batch reactor technology with a traditional flow-through activated sludge process to produce a low cost, compact and continuous flow system. The Aqua MSBR is ideal for large scale municipal and industrial applications >15,000 m3/day.

How It Works

There are four (4) phases of the Aqua MSBR operation:

  1. Anoxic Mixing and Mixed Liquor Recycle
  2. Aeration, Mixing and Mixed Liquor Recycle
  3. Pre-settle
  4. Clarification

Description of a 7-Cell System:

Cells 1 & 7 – Sequencing cells alternate four phases. As cell 1 progresses through phases 1-3, cell 7 will remain in phase 4 and vice versa.

Cell 2 – Phase Separator Cell designed to concentrate recycled mixed liquor solids feed stream to the anaerobic cell and promote an optimal environment to enhance phosphorus release within the anaerobic cell

Cell 3 – Fermentation Cell designed to increase concentration of volatile fatty acids (VFAs)

Cell 4 – Anaerobic Cell designed to promote phosphorus release under optimized conditions

Cell 5 – Anoxic Mixing Cell designed to provide denitrification

Cell 6 – Aerobic Cell designed to provide oxidation of carbonaceous material, nitrification, and the biological uptake of phosphorus

Aqua MSBR® Modified Sequencing Batch Reactor

Features & Specifications

  • Constant water level
  • Continuous flow
  • Simple operation
  • Adept at processing high-peak hydraulic flows due to storm events
  • Quiescent settling prior to clarification phase
  • Optimized, enhanced biological nutrient removal


  • Designed and engineered as a Time Based Activated SludgeSM System
  • No need for separate structures
  • Unique flow through system
  • Basin configuration optimized
  • Existing aeration equipment can be used
  • Superior performance even in low-strength, low-temperature wastewaters common in North America and Europe
  • Fully automated control system
  • Better sludge flocculation; no sludge collection mechanisms
  • Low TSS discharge; effective nitrification, denitrification and phosphorus removal

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