Technology Overview: Pile Cloth Media Filtration

Tertiary Filtration

The webinar will provide the basics of tertiary filtration utilizing pile cloth media filtration and cover mechanical configurations, application-specific OptiFiber® cloth media and innovative applications.

Discussion will also include process, mechanical and process benefits, how pile cloth media filters are being used in reuse, phosphorus removal and microplastic removal.

  • Review important design considerations when selecting a filtration technology
  • See how the AquaDisk® and AquaDiamond® pile cloth media filters operate
  • Understand the role of each of Aqua-Aerobic Systems’ pile cloth media options
  • Examine how cloth media filters are being used in a variety of applications including reuse, phosphorus removal, and microplastic removal
  • Earn (1) Professional Development Hour (PDH)

Presented By

Mark Hughes

Director of Product Management
Mark Hughes

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